Ombré Powder Brows

Powder Brows are created by a tattoo machine which places tiny little pixelated dots on the eyebrows. It deposits pigment by layering colour gradually to create your dream shade and a soft powdered effect (also known as shading) that resembles eyebrow powder. 

Powder brows help create fullness and density, and works well on all skin types – oily, dry, normal, and combination skin. Clients that have porous, oily, or mature skin will benefit from this technique more than microblading and will have an eyebrow tattoo that will last longer. This technique works well on all clients with or without any existing eyebrow hair. Because this look is performed by creating small pixelated specs of pigment, it heals very soft and can look as natural or as dense as you wish. The intensity or amount of colour of this look is buildable. During your consultation, we discuss the ideal look that you have in mind so we can tailor the design and density of your new powder brow tattoo. We can always start off lighter at your initial session and then add more layers of colour when you come in for your free touch-up session 6-8 weeks later. Each client’s colour is custom mixed according to your skin and hair colour and colour preferences. Each set of eyebrows is carefully measured out and designed according to your individual taste, personality, and facial features.

Regular touch-ups are recommended to maintain the look of your ombre powder brows. You can expect to come back every 1-2 years for a colour boost to make sure that your eyebrow tattoo is looking fresh and that it keeps its shape as it will naturally fade over time. 

Procedure duration:

3 hours


$595 + GST

A deposit of $100

is required to book this service. This will get deducted from your final total on the day of your appointment.

Ombre powder brows is also commonly known as: powdered brows, powder brows, microshading, shading, brow shading, eyebrow shading, powdered eyebrows, powder eyebrows, ombre brows, eyebrow tattoo, tattooed eyebrows, brow tattoo, micropigmentation, and permanent makeup.