Combo Brows (Combination Method)

Combo Brows is the best of both worlds! This is a combined eyebrow tattoo technique of both microblading and ombré powder brows. It is safe to say that this is the most popular service and is great for those that like the look of hair strokes but crave more density and less ‘empty’ space between each hair stroke from just microblading alone. The look of this can look extremely natural and works well on all skin types – oily, dry, normal, and combination skin. It is also beautiful on both young and mature skin. For oily or porous skin, microblading alone does not last as long and will heal more powdery but shading/powdering over top will help make the tattoo last longer, which is why the combo brow method is a good choice for all skin types. Once realistic looking hair strokes are carefully placed throughout your eyebrows by microblading, we use a tattoo machine to create tiny pixelated dots in between each hair stroke to fill it with the soft powder effect, leaving you with a beautiful set of combo brows. The combo brow is also excellent for those who can’t choose between microblading or powder… why not get both?

All tattoo colours are custom mixed and tailored to your personal preferences and needs. Every set of eyebrows is carefully measured out and designed according to your individual taste, personality, and facial features.

Procedure duration:

2.5-3 hours


$695 + GST

A deposit of $100

is required to book this service. This will get deducted from your final total on the day of your appointment.

Combo brows is also commonly known as: combination brows, combination eyebrows, and combo eyebrows.