Eyebrow Tattoo? Microblading? Covid-19?

It’s a very sensitive time around the world right now. Now that the bans throughout Vancouver and BC are slowly being lifted and beauty salons and studios including cosmetic tattooing places start reopening, many are wondering whether it’s a safe time to get services done such as microblading, eyebrow tattooing, and lash lifts. The answer is yes, but you have to be extra selective on where and who you go to. You have to choose a place where you feel most comfortable and clean without question. It’s important to find a cosmetic tattooing studio that practices and adheres to the safest and most sanitary protocols.

What should you be looking for?

• A clearly posted list of implemented protocols or guidelines to increase safety (this should be posted inside and outside of the salon/studio)
• Hand sanitizer readily accessible by the technician/artist and client
• A mandatory precautionary waiver/sign-off form for each client to review and to sign before service(s) begin to ensure that each person that steps foot into the studio has been clear and free from all Covid-19 symptoms and has avoided exposure
• Studio must mandate the use of masks to prevent contamination and airborne transfer
• Gloves must be used by the technician/artist at all times
• Hospital-grade disinfectants such as Cavicide are readily accessible and used before and after client
• Appointment times are spread out so there is no overlap between clients and to ensure that there is sufficient time to sanitize all countertops, door handles, and surface areas
• No guests allowed aside from the client him or herself

At the very least, your cosmetic tattoo artist should ensure that they’re sticking to the Covid-19 safety guidelines mandated by WorkSafeBC and Fraser Health Authority.

At The Brow Room, safety and sanitization protocols are implemented and strictly followed to ensure that each and every client feels safe and clean while coming into the studio. No guests are allowed in between clients and the waiting area will remain vacant indefinitely. You must wear a mask during the entire session and wash your hands as soon as you enter the studio. You’ll be asked to sign a precautionary Covid-19 intake form to ensure that you haven’t been in contact with anyone with Covid-19 symptoms nor have experienced any symptoms yourself. All of this is done before you enter the treatment room. YOU WILL BE THE ONLY ONE IN THE STUDIO WITH ME. I work as a solo operator which means I don’t have a bunch of other girls in the studio working on multiple people at once. This is your time and your space.

Safety is always my top priority when it comes to my clients, which is why I go above and beyond to make sure that everyone remains comfortable and healthy when they come in for any procedure so we can all look and feel our best.

Agnes H.
Owner/Cosmetic Tattoo Artist at The Brow Room

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